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At Play! Tennis, our focus is on building and maintaining a community of positive and supportive tennis players. We have a community of more than 4,000 members and are still growing every day. By joining our tennis club, you will get to enjoy many benefits.

Tennis Lessons Singapore Community

Social, Instructional, and Competitive Sessions

We conduct three types of sessions: social, instructional, and competitive.

Social sessions are enjoyed by many of our members and are great for players who have some tennis fundamentals. These sessions are held daily and you only need to come down with your racket and rally with other tennis players.

There will be a host present to facilitate every social tennis session. Your host will provide the tennis balls, introduce the players to one another, and ensure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to play on the court.

We offer instructional tennis lessons such as private, pair or group classes. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced player, there is always something new to learn in tennis.

Our tennis coaches are committed to helping you improve so that you can enjoy the game fully.

We have regular competitive sessions for players looking for some friendly matches. The Friendly Singles Round Robin is held three times a week and adopts the Fast4 format for shorter singles matches.

Tennis Coach Singapore Club

Tennis Everyday All Around Singapore

We hold social, instructional, and competitive sessions daily all around Singapore. These sessions are offered at more than twenty venues island-wide at public and private tennis courts. We provide you with the tennis courts and balls so you can just show up and play! The popular public courts are Kallang Tennis Centre, Farrer Park Tennis Centre, and Heartbeat@Bedok.

Our sessions are held every day of the week, rain or shine! Okay, if it looks like it might rain, you should head down to the indoor courts (Heartbeat@Bedok).

Weekday sessions are held mostly in the evenings at 8 pm, and weekend sessions are held throughout the day. We are sure you can find a session that is right for you!

No Subscription Fees

There are no subscription fees to join our tennis club. You only need to pay for the sessions which you attend, or you may sign up for some packages to enjoy discounts.

Tennis Lessons Singapore Club

Join Play! Tennis Club

Our 4,000 strong community of players, hosts, and tennis coaches will provide you with all the support you ever need - from choosing your first racket to learning to generating topspin on your shots and to participating in matches.

We promote tennis as a social sport, and we can guarantee you will make new friends and broaden your network. If you are new in Singapore, joining our events is an excellent way to meet other expatriates or locals who can help you settle down here.

We strive to create the perfect conditions for you to have fun, improve your game, and stay healthy.

To join our tennis club simply click on the button below, where you will be brought to our page on the Meetup platform. All our tennis lessons, social rally sessions, and competitive events are listed there.

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