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At Play! Tennis, our focus is on building and maintaining a community of positive and supportive tennis players. We have a community of more than 4,000 members and are still growing every day. By joining our tennis club, you will get to enjoy both on-court and off-court support.

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Community

On-Court Support

(1) Your tennis coach is committed to teaching you tennis so that you can enjoy the game fully.

(2) We organise social tennis sessions where you will get to meet and enjoy rallying with others. There will be a tennis host present to facilitate every social tennis session.

(3) We organise tennis matches such as the Singles Ladder League and the Super Saturday Doubles Playoff to help you gain match-play experience.

(4) We provide you with the tennis courts so you can just show up and play. Popular public courts are Kallang Tennis Centre, Farrer Park Tennis Centre, and Heartbeat@Bedok.

 Tennis Coach Singapore Club

Off-Court Support

(1) A tennis buddy will be assigned to new players who have just started to learn tennis, and expatriates who are new in Singapore. Your buddy will not only encourage you to play tennis regularly but also to help you settle down in Singapore if you need any assistance.

(2) We have physiotherapists to take care of your health and fitness.

(3) We organise social events such as dinners regularly so you can make new friends and broaden your network.

(4) We offer merchandise such as tennis racquets, balls and bags. We will provide advice on what items to get based on your budget and needs. Visit our online tennis shop.

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Club

Join the Play! Tennis Club

We conduct tennis lessons, social games, and friendly tennis matches daily at more than ten venues island-wide in Singapore. We hold our tennis sessions at public and private courts, and you may join any session at your convenience.

There are no subscription fees to join our tennis club. You only need to pay for the sessions which you attend, or you may sign up for some packages to enjoy discounts.

At Play! Tennis, we adopt a holistic approach to tennis. Our community of players, hosts, and tennis coaches will provide you with both on-court and off-court support so you have more time to enjoy the game and lead a balanced life. We believe tennis is a social sport and is meant to be played with friends and family. We strive to create the perfect conditions for you to have fun, improve your game, and stay healthy.

To join our tennis club simply sign up on Meetup, where you can see our schedule of events too. All our tennis lessons, social sessions, and competitive events are listed on the Meetup platform.

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