Women Tennis Lessons

At Play! Tennis, we have developed a proprietary tennis program specially designed for female players of all levels. Whether you are a beginner seeking to learn tennis, or an experienced player looking to rise to the next level, you will find our women tennis lessons right for you.

Tennis Lessons Singapore Women

Our certified tennis coaches will teach you to employ modern biomechanics that are appropriate for female players, so that you will be able to hit the ball with more consistency, power, and spin. You will learn how to adopt a longer backswing to generate more topspin in your groundstrokes, how to use your core muscles to generate more power in your serves, and how to move your feet to acquire more consistency in your tennis games.

Join our women tennis lessons and pick up the sport in a friendly female environment where you can learn at your own pace, encourage one another to improve, and progress together as a group. You will likely make great friends and hang out together outside the tennis court as well!


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