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Tennis Classes for Everyone

We offer high quality tennis coaching in Singapore to kids and adults. Whether your age and level of experience, we have the right tennis coach for you. Our classes are held throughout the week and are ongoing, so come join a tennis lesson near where you are.

Get a Tennis Coach in Singapore

Our tennis trainers are committed to providing top notch and affordable lessons to players of all ages and backgrounds. All are welcome to join our sessions, and we look forward to seeing you at the court!

Learn Tennis in a Fun and Easy Way

We believe we have the best tennis coaches in Singapore as they will teach you how to play tennis in simple steps that you can follow easily. Our coaches will make learning tennis fun and you will be looking forward to the next class!

Adult Programs

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Group


Join our popular group tennis classes where you get to pick up a sport, make new friends, and get some great exercise, all in a fun-filled two hours session. These sessions are suitable for all levels of players as we will be doing drills, which means you can practice hitting at your own pace. Our group tennis lessons are ongoing so you may simply pop by and join any one of our regular classes at your convenience. Every one of our sessions is also designed to be self-contained, so even if you miss a particular week you can still come for the next session and follow up on what was taught.

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Private


At Play! Tennis, we have a structured pathway for your development. In each lesson, we focus on an aspect of your game: footwork, groundstrokes, volleys, spins or serves. The individual attention you receive is a great way to kick-start your tennis development if you are just picking up the game or to take you to the next level in preparation for more competitive games. Your instructor will travel to any tennis court in Singapore, so you can have your class at your own condo or at any public court close to you.

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Pair


If you have a friend, partner, or a family member who also wishes to learn tennis, we would suggest signing up for pair tennis lessons. It's a great way to spend some time with each other while keeping fit. We can also pair you up with another player at your request. As you will be partnered with a player of a similar level, you can encourage each other to practice and improve. These semi-private sessions are perfect for players who enjoy learning with a partner.

Kids Programs

 Tennis Coach Singapore Kids


Signing up your child for our group tennis lessons is a sure-fire way to get them interested in the sport at a young age. These tennis classes are fun and interactive as your kid will get to participate in games designed to foster teamwork, develop balance, improve hand-eye coordination and agility. Our tennis coaches make use of kids-appropriate equipment such as modified balls and nets to allow the children to learn tennis at their own pace and develop the proper fundamentals.

 Tennis Coaching Singapore Kids


Your child will receive the full attention of our tennis coach in private lessons. Individual tennis lessons are highly personalized, and our trainers will draw up a customized plan for your kid to learn tennis and develop a solid foundation. Our tennis instructors keep up-to-date with the latest pedagogy in sports development for children to best help your kid to achieve his or her potential in tennis. Just as importantly, we are also focused on character building, so that the children we teach will grow to have positive attributes.

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Kids

Tennis Camp

Engage your kids during their holidays in March 2019 by enrolling them in a fun-filled tennis camp, held over three mornings at the indoor courts of Heartbeat@Bedok. Our holiday tennis lessons in Singapore have been specially designed for kids, and we are committed to engaging the kids in a meaningful way. Our coaches will teach the basic tennis strokes, introduce ball games to improve hand-eye coordination, and get the kids to participate in friendly matches.

Other Tennis Programs

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Corporate

Corporate Tennis Workshops

Our tennis workshops and clinics are popular with organisations as we are able to customize our tennis programs to suit your organisational needs and profile. We have worked with corporations with more than 10,000 employees and smaller businesses as well. Just let us know what your organisation requires and we will design a tennis course to fulfill your goals. Our tennis programs have been known to encourage teamwork and foster communication among staff. Let us help you get out of your office for some physical activity.

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Hitting Partner

Hitting Partner

It can be worthwhile to engage one of our coaches as your tennis hitting partner. You will have the opportunity to work on selected shots, improve your consistency, and enjoy exciting rallies at the same time. Your professional hitting partner will be able to adopt any level of play, depending on your requests. Are you interested in rallying with a more defensive or offensive player? Your hitting partner can literally keep you on your toes and engage you with heart-pumping rallies. Make an appointment with us any day of the week and we will be there.

 Tennis Lessons Singapore Women

Women Tennis Lessons

Both men and women enjoy the sport of tennis, and their talents and skills can be found in equal measure. However, the different genders have different physiology, and as such their approach to tennis ought to be different. Our training program recognizes these differences and employs the correct tennis biomechanics that work best for female tennis players. These classes are suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds. We have a community of female tennis players who are encouraging and will support you in your tennis journey.

Why Learn Tennis with Us

 Tennis Coach Singapore

Certified and Friendly Instructors

Get a tennis coach who is internationally accredited with a passion for teaching. Our instructors can travel to any tennis court in Singapore for private tennis lessons. Learn how to play tennis at your convenience.

 Tennis Coach Singapore Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedule

Our tennis coaches are flexible and will be able to work around your schedule. Just let us know when and where you would like to learn tennis in Singapore and we will arrange sessions at your convenience.

 Tennis Coach Singapore Community

Large Tennis Player Base

We have a base of more than 4,000 players and run sessions every day of the week at tennis courts all over Singapore You may join any of our tennis coaching or rally sessions island-wide and play with others.

Play! Tennis Festival

Have you wondered how it would be like to have a party in a tennis court? Well, join the next Play! Tennis Festival to find out! Experience the game of tennis in a carnival-like atmosphere.

Tennis Coach Reviews

Jessica Wright, New Zealand

Jessica Wright, who has taken adult tennis lessons in Singapore, talks about her passion for travelling and her joy in playing tennis in different countries.

Laura Wittich, Germany

Laura Wittich shares her experience with the high performance tennis lessons. The high intensity training program has helped her achieve her tennis goals.

About Play! Tennis

We are a tennis club with the goal to inspire people from all backgrounds and age groups to stay active and healthy through the sport. We make tennis accessible to players by organising sessions every day at various venues.

We have three types of tennis sessions: Social, Instructional, and Competitive.

We hold social sessions where players who have some basic tennis skills can join for some fun singles and doubles rallies. You will get to play some casual games in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our social tennis sessions are the best way to meet new people and make new friends.

We conduct instructional tennis classes for players who are new to the sport or looking to improve. Our group tennis lessons for kids and adults are ongoing and are suitable for all levels of players.

We have competitive formats, like the Singles Ladder League and the Super Saturday Doubles Playoff for experienced players looking for some friendly competition. Our unique ball machine challenges will also test the skills of advanced players.

We emphasize having fun and staying safe in all our sessions. We want you to have a good time whilst staying active. At Play! Tennis, we take care of all your tennis needs so you never have to worry about how to play, where to play, and who to play with.

So go hit some balls already!

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