Holiday Tennis Kids Camp

Dates: 25, 26 and 27 November 2019

Time: 9 am to 11 am each day

Venue: Bedok Court (Bedok South Ave 3)

Participation Fee: $180 per kid

The Play! Tennis camp for kids features a top-notch program that is conducted by our best coaches who will inspire and motivate your child to perform to the best of their abilities.

We make tennis easy to learn and fun for all kids. During the school holidays, we conduct kids camp where children from all backgrounds and abilities can learn how to play tennis and grow to love the game.

We have three main goals in our kids camps:

(1) Instill life skills such as concentration, confidence and integrity.

(2) Develop good balance and hand-eye coordination.

(3) Develop a passion for tennis and sports in general.

Innovative Tennis Curriculum

It is through our innovative tennis curriculum that we plan to achieve the three main goals of our tennis camps for kids. Our curriculum employs modern child pedagogy so you can be assured your kid receives the most effective tennis coaching.

The Play! Tennis curriculum was developed in consultation with certified tennis coaches, sports psychologists and child care professionals. It covers the physical and mental aspects of the game.

We use age appropriate equipment such as smaller-sized rackets, bigger and slower balls, and make use of a smaller court space. Your kids will start with simple hand-eye coordination drills such throwing and catching the balls with their hands before moving on to use their rackets to bounce and hit the balls.

Our instructors teach the mental aspects of tennis. This essentially refers to the ability to remain focused during the game and not be distracted by other sights and sounds.

We utilize a combination of outdoor and indoor activities in our camps so that your kid can get a healthy does of Vitamin D under the sun and also enjoy the comforts of indoor games as well.

Tennis Lessons Kids Camp

Development of Life Skills

For us, tennis is more than just a game. It is an activity that serves to impart many of life’s lessons. Your kid will learn important life skills. Our team of instructors use tennis as a vehicle to impart three core values to your child: concentration, confidence and integrity.

Let’s examine how learning to play tennis can lead to the development of these three core values.

Much concentration is needed in tennis because we need to anticipate the path that the ball is travelling towards us in order to hit the shot properly. We are constantly tracking the ball with our eyes and trying to anticipate where it will land on our side of the court, so that we can move early and position ourselves well. If we have a lapse in concentration we will find ourselves out of position and being late for the shot.

It is challenging to hit the tennis ball well, as this requires hand-eye coordination and practice. However, once your child begins hitting more balls over the net, this builds a sense confidence. Children will be encouraged to believe that they can find success in other aspects of life once they put their minds to mastering a skill.

Like any other sports, tennis has a set of rules that all players have to abide by. Kids have to observe these rules whilst trying to win matches. This is how integrity is developed: when the kids play with honesty and accept losses in their stride.

Tennis Lessons Children Camp

What’s Next After the Tennis Camp

Your kid would have learnt the basic tennis strokes and the rules of the game during the camp. What’s next?

Group tennis lessons are one of the best ways to encourage your child to continue playing and improving. Your kid will make friends with the other children and look forward to meeting them weekly at the tennis court. The social interaction will make tennis enjoyable and fun for them.

You can also consider private tennis lessons as this is the fastest way to improve your child’s tennis skills. The personalised approach in one-to-one lessons allows children to develop at their own pace and reach their potential.

A number of the kids we coach go on to play for their schools. They find fulfillment in being in a team and representing their school. Many local and overseas colleges and universities offer tennis as a pathway in their enrollment, so students with a strong background in tennis might have an added advantage.

There are more kids learning tennis every year, as parents realise the full benefits of playing the sport. At the Play! Tennis camp, we will ignite a passion for the sport so that the children will grow to love it and play for a lifetime with their friends and family.

Register for Kids Tennis Camp

Dates: 25, 26 and 27 November 2019

Time: 9 am to 11 am each day

Venue: Bedok Court (Bedok South Ave 3)

Participation Fee: $180 per kid

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