Singapore Tennis Tournament

Friendly Singles Round Robin

The Friendly Singles Round Robin is catered for intermediate players looking for singles challenges on a regular basis. Each week, Play! Tennis provides match days in Singapore where players can compete in single matches. You can expect to play 2 to 3 matches in this round-robin event.

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Level of Play

For a fun and competitive experience, you should be of intermediate level. As a general guide, you should be able to serve and sustain a 6 to 8 ball rally of moderate pace.

Fast4 Format of Play

We adopt the Fast4 Tennis format, which is a shortened version of tennis. Roger Federer and Llyeton Hewitt launched this new format in Sydney in 2015.

The Rules

(1) First player to win four games wins the match.

(2) A tiebreak is played at 3-all. The tiebreak is first to five points, with a sudden death point at 4-all.

(3) There is no advantage scoring in games. At deuce, the receiver will choose which side of the court the ball will be served to for a sudden-death point.

Why Fast4 Format

(1) You can play more matches with this faster format.

(2) It is becoming popular globally. A Fast4 tournament was held in Sydney in 2019 just before the Australian Open.

How to Register

(1) Visit our Meetup site where we put up a schedule of all our events. Join Play! Tennis as a member (it's free).

(2) Look for the Friendly Singles Round Robin events. We have sessions throughout the week. 

(3) RSVP for a session that you wish to attend.

(4) The participation fee of $15 should be made when you meet the host just before your game.

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