Singles Ladder League

The Play! Tennis League Ladder is a friendly competition system for intermediate tennis enthusiasts looking for singles challenges on a regular basis. Each week, Play! Tennis provides match days in Singapore where players compete in single matches. Based on their performance, players will move up or down the ladder.

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Each player will play 1 match in a session.

A match consists of one 6-game set. If the set is tied at 6-6, a 7-point tie-breaker game is used to determine the winner. The scoring system of the ladder is as follows:

(1) If the winner is higher ranked, he or she receives 7 points added to his or her current League Ladder points.

(2) If the winner is ranked lower than the opponent, the winner will be awarded with 10 points

(3) The loser receives 1 point for each game that he or she won. For example, if the game score was 6-2, the loser still receives 2 points.

(4) A player can only hold points from the last three months. As the weeks progress, points that were earned more than 3 months ago will expire, and the player's overall points will decrease unless he or she continues to play.

The advantages of such a ranking system are: (a) ranks are determined by both performance and active participation, (b) players can easily join the ladder at any point in time, and (c) even a loss gets rewarded based on the effort during the match.

How to Register

(1) Visit our Meetup site where we put up a schedule of all our events. Join Play! Tennis as a member (it's free).

(2) Look for Play! Tennis Ladder League events. We have sessions throughout the week. 

(3) RSVP for a session that you wish to attend.

(4) The participation fee of $12 should be made when you meet the host just before your game.


At the end of each quarter, trophies will be awarded for the:

Champion, Runner-Up and  2nd Runner-Up


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