Adult Programs

Tennis Lessons Singapore Group


Join our popular group tennis classes where you get to pick up a sport, make new friends, and get some great exercise, all in a fun-filled two hours session. These sessions are suitable for all levels of players as we will be doing drills, which means you can practice hitting at your own pace. Our group tennis lessons are ongoing so you may simply pop by and join any one of our regular classes at your convenience. Every one of our sessions is also designed to be self-contained, so even if you miss a particular week you can still come for the next session and follow up on what was taught.

Tennis Lessons Singapore Private


At Play! Tennis, we have a structured pathway for your development. In each lesson, we focus on an aspect of your game: footwork, groundstrokes, volleys, spins or serves. The individual attention you receive is a great way to kick-start your tennis development if you are just picking up the game or to take you to the next level in preparation for more competitive games. Your instructor will travel to any tennis court in Singapore, so you can have your class at your own condo or at any public court close to you.

Tennis Lessons Singapore Pair


If you have a friend, partner, or a family member who also wishes to learn tennis, we would suggest signing up for pair tennis lessons. It's a great way to spend some time with each other while keeping fit. We can also pair you up with another player at your request. As you will be partnered with a player of a similar level, you can encourage each other to practice and improve. These semi-private sessions are perfect for players who enjoy learning with a partner.