Train with a Tennis Ball Machine

Watch the Action!

Although a ball machine cannot replace a tennis coach, it will be your most loyal training partner. It will always be available, it is infinitely patient, and it can be programmed to match your level. There are a number of benefits to practicing with a ball machine.

We offer an advanced model, the Spinshot Player, for rent or sale. It might be worthwhile to invest in a ball machine if you are planning to train regularly. You may also consider hourly rental or a week’s rental as a supplement to your tennis classes.

The Spinshot Player can be remotely controlled from an application on your mobile phone, allowing you to position and ready yourself at the other end of the court.

Our tennis coaches make use of the ball machines regularly in the classes they conduct, and you may register for our lessons and have the benefit of training with both human and machine!

Suitable for All Levels of Players

It is not easy to find a tennis partner who can match your level of play and vary the speed and spin of the ball, unless you hire a professional tennis instructor or you make use of a ball machine. Whatever your level is, the Spinshot Player will be able to keep it up with you, just don’t expect it to run around the court!

You can create your own tennis drills with the Spinshot mobile app and store up to 12 preset drills. You will be able to customise the speed, spin and direction of the balls being fed to you, and program the drills to match any level of players.

Tennis Coach Singapore Ball Machine

Improve Your Consistency

The Spinshot Player is able to hold 120 balls comfortably and is able to feed you continuously according to your preset drills. This gives you the opportunity to work on your weaker shots, or develop your strengths into weapons in your tennis matches. You will find that your overall consistency will dramatically improve, helping you to sustain longer rallies and making the game as a whole more enjoyable.

Tennis Lessons Singapore Ball Machine

Improve Your Movement

The Spinshot Player is capable of feeding balls to any part of the court with programmable speed and spin, challenging you to return the balls from anywhere in the court. In our tennis classes, we teach proper footwork - the sidestep and the split step - enabling you to move quickly and efficiently around the court. Train with the Spinshot Player and work on your balance and agility to take your game to the next level.

Rental Fees for a Ball Machine

Our instructor will meet you at a tennis court of your choice to demonstrate and teach you how to operate the Spinshot Player. You will have to return the ball machine to our office at the end of your use. The rates quoted below are not inclusive of tennis court booking fees.

One Hour: $70

Two Hours: $120

1 Week: $300

Rent a Ball Machine

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