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About Play! Tennis

We are a club that supports all levels of tennis players - from beginners to intermediate level and advanced players. We have a systematic pathway to help players in their development.

If you are a beginner, you will find our coaching sessions useful and enjoyable. These sessions are conducted by our friendly certified trainers. You will learn the basic forehand, backhand, volleys and serves.

If you are an intermediate level player, do join our social rally sessions, where you get to meet and play with others. We also have an active ladder league if you are seeking some friendly competition and match play experience. We award trophies to the top players each season.

If you are an advanced player, our unique ball machine challenges will test your skills and prepare you for tournaments. We regularly invite professional tennis players to conduct workshops, which you will find enriching.

At Play! Tennis, we take care of all your tennis needs so you will never have to worry about how to play, where to play, and who to play with. Our sessions are held in various venues, and you can join a session nearest to you.