We offer different types of tennis lessons to suit your goals and needs. Our tennis lessons are suitable for all levels of players and all age groups. We are committed to providing high quality and affordable tennis lessons. All are welcome to join our sessions, and we look forward to see you at the tennis court!

 Play Tennis Group Coaching Lessons

Group Tennis Lessons

Join our group tennis lessons to pick up a sport and make new friends. Our certified coaches are friendly and will make sure you have an enjoyable and worthwhile time at the court. Our group tennis lessons are a full two hours session, in which you will get ample practice through exciting tennis drills. We have scheduled group tennis lessons every day of the week, and you may join any one at your convenience.

 Play Tennis Private Coaching Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

Pick up tennis or improve your game with a personal coach. We have a structured pathway for your development. In each lesson, we focus on an aspect of your game: footwork, groundstrokes, volleys, spins or serves. Private tennis lessons are a great way to kick-start your tennis development if you are just picking up the game or take you to the next level in preparation for more competitive tennis games.

 Play Tennis Pair Coaching Lessons

Pair Tennis Lessons

Learn tennis with a friend or partner for even more fun! It's a great way to spend some time with each other while keeping fit. We can also pair you up with another player if you are an individual looking for pair tennis lessons. As you will be partnered with a player of a similar level, you can encourage each other to practise and improve.

 Play Tennis Lessons Corporate Workshop

Corporate Tennis Lessons

We conduct tennis workshops for your organisation. Our workshops encourage teamwork and foster communication among your staff. These workshops can be customised to suit your organisational needs and profile. Let us know what your organisation requires and we will design a tennis programme for you.

 Play Tennis Lessons Coach Ladies

Women Tennis Lessons

Both men and women enjoy the sport of tennis, and their talents and skills can be found in equal measure. However, we need to acknowledge that the different genders have different physiology, and as such their approach to tennis ought to be different. We adopt an innovative pedagogy that recognizes these differences and employ the correct tennis biomechanics that work best for female tennis players.

 Play Tennis Kids Lessons

Kids Tennis Lessons

At Play! Tennis we are committed to keeping your kids healthy and active. Through learning and playing tennis, your kids will develop their motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. More importantly, we also believe in inculcating positive values such as determination and courage in the children whom we coach.

 Play Tennis Lessons Hitting Partner

Hitting Partner

It can be worthwhile to engage one of our coaches as your hitting partner. You will have the opportunity to work on selected tennis shots, improve your consistency, and enjoy exciting rallies at the same time. Hitting with one of our professionals can be rewarding as you get to pick up some tennis tips as well.  Choose any date and time and our tennis coaches will be there for you!

 Play Tennis Lessons Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy

At Play! Tennis, we take care of all our players' health and fitness. Consult our physiotherapists if you need any physical treatment or consultation. Our therapists can help relieve your pain and suggest a range of stretches and exercises to help prevent further injuries. We will also examine your posture and correct any bad habits you might have. Our certified therapists will be able to provide advice on all sports, not just tennis. Stay fit and enjoy your sports!



We offer a structured pathway for all levels of tennis players. Our Play! Tennis curriculum has been specially developed by certified tennis coaches for the modern tennis player. Our tennis course is easy to understand and has been proven highly effective for kids and adult tennis players.

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