The Play! Tennis Festival is held monthly in the indoor courts at Heartbeat@Bedok and is open to all levels of tennis players. We have created a unique setup, where players will move through several exciting Play! Tennis stations to learn and experience the different aspects of the game. Expect to meet other tennis enthusiasts and make new friends too. You will be guided by certified tennis coaches.

group tennis coaching 

Take part in exciting group tennis drills conducted by our certified coaches. Experience the game together with your friends and learn from more experienced players. 

 Play Tennis Festival Group Coaching

practice with a ball machine

Our advanced tennis ball machine, the Spinshot Player, will feed you hundreds of balls so you can focus on improving your strokes and movement. It can match your level of play as the speed, spin and height of the balls that are fed to you can be calibrated.

 Play Tennis Physiotherapist Sports Massage

Certified physiotherapist

Our certified physiotherapist will be at the Play! Tennis Festival to provide you with a free consultation. She can treat your muscle aches or any sports injuries that you may have. Rejuvenate after a sports massage and return to the tennis court to hit more balls! 



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