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Learn tennis with the Next Gen of coaches in Singapore. Our tennis methodology is supported by proven sports science principles, and we make use of technology to spur your development and track your progress. Our coaching philosophy reflects our modern approach to the sport.

Respectful of all Players

We are respectful of all our students and are always at our best behaviour on the court. We try our best to be role models and mentors to the juniors we teach.

Being respectful of our players also means getting them involved in any technical or tactical decisions we make with regards to their game.

Caring and Encouraging Coaches

When you enroll in our tennis lessons, you will get a coach who cares about you as a player and as an individual. We understand that all players have different levels of experience and aptitude for tennis. We are always positive and will encourage you to give your best at the court!

We have Deep Knowledge of the Sport

Your coach not only has professional qualifications but is continually learning and keeping up to date with the advances in sports science and tennis biomechanics. We use that knowledge to work out a personalized lesson plan that will suit your needs and goals.

Regular Feedback

Our instructors will also give you regular feedback at every stage of your tennis development so that you know your strengths and the areas you should improve as well. Our feedback are presented in a positive light and are well received.

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Do You Want to be the Next Gen Tennis Coach?

We are always on a lookout for a Next Gen tennis coach in Singapore. We are a growing team and welcome energetic and outgoing personalities to join us. If you love tennis and are keen to teach, full-time or part-time, please chat with us.

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