What Our Students Say After Taking Our Tennis Lessons


Awesome Tennis Coach

Play! Tennis has a team of awesome tennis coaches who are passionate about the game and patient with their students. I have been training regularly with my tennis coach am now able to rally with consistency from the baseline. I will continue with my tennis training and I hope to be able to play some competitive matches soon!

Ezekiel Wong


Tennis Made Easy

We always had the impression that tennis was a difficult sport to learn for young girls like us. However, our tennis coach was really approachable and taught us in a way that was easy to understand. We are enjoying the game and have been encouraging our friends to take up tennis lessons as well.

Rehanie & Saffy


Improved Backhand

I played competitively in Taiwan and would sometimes lose matches when opponents attacked my backhand. When I came to Singapore, the tennis coaches at Play! Tennis worked with me to improve my backhand. I have now reached a level where I can hit backhand winners! What was once my weaker shot is now one of my strengths.

Wayne Wong


Tennis as a Multi-faceted Sport

Both of us have played many different kinds of sports and wanted to give tennis a shot too. Our tennis coach explained to us that tennis is one of the most interesting sport, as there are so many aspects to the game - the different kinds of serves, variety of spins, and a multitude of on-court strategies. Give it a try and sign up with Play! Tennis.

Edwin Eng & Aaron Yip


Make Tennis Friends

Play! Tennis has a large community of players and I enjoy the social tennis events that they organise, such as the daily rally sessions and their monthly tennis festivals. I have expanded my social network and even made some useful business contacts.

Daryl Lai


Proper Tennis Techniques

I have been playing tennis for about three years and realized that I was not improving much. My friend recommended I contact Play! Tennis and I’m so glad I did!

I think a lot of tennis players have the misconception that playing tennis requires a lot of strength. But my tennis coach showed me that adopting the proper techniques and footwork were more important!

Grace Phang


Learn Tennis Together

We signed up with Play! Tennis for pair tennis lessons as we wanted to pick up a sport together. This gives us the opportunity to keep fit whilst spending time with each other. We look forward to our tennis lessons once a week and will definitely continue for at least a year!

Jasper Loh & Julia Ong


Structured Tennis Lessons

Play! Tennis offers structured tennis lessons, which makes it easy for students like me to track our progress and identify areas to improve. My tennis coach sets targets for me each session and keeps me motivated during my tennis lessons.

I find that their tennis methodology of relaxation and focus to be really effective. I have the correct minset now when I play tennis.

Stanzin Tsesdup


Supporting Expatriates

I came to Singapore as an expatriate and did not know much about the place. I was fortunate to have found out about Play! Tennis early, as I got to know many other expats and locals through their tennis lessons.

To me Play! Tennis is not simply a place to play or learn tennis. It is a great community of people who support one another, brought together by a common passion for tennis.


Jeremy Lye.jpg

Deeper Appreciation of Tennis

I am a great tennis enthusiast. I love watching matches and I follow the tennis players closely through their social media accounts. My tennis coach and I would analyze matches together, and I have gained some interesting insights.

I also love the technical aspects of tennis. During my tennis lessons, my coach would explain the rationale behind certain strokes, giving me a deeper understanding of tennis.

Jeremy Lye


Great Form of Exercise

Playing tennis for me is a great form of exercise. It is fun and gives me a great workout! I feel healthier and more positive when I started playing tennis regularly.

Play! Tennis organises regular tennis classes and I’ll recommend them to anyone who wishes to improve their game or to get some exercise.

Dave Ng


Stress Reliever

Hitting tennis balls is such a good way to release stress! After being stuck in the office for a whole day, there can be nothing better than going to the tennis court and smacking those green balls with a racquet.

Of course, my tennis coach tells me to take it easy. He taught me to hit with more topspin and that has added more consistency to my game.

Chuck Lim


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Jessica Wright

"I grew up in New Zealand and have a wandering spirit. I am naturally curious and that has led me travel around the world. I am eager to experience all that life has to offer and learn about the different cultures.

What remained constant throughout these years was my passion for tennis. Regardless of which part of the world I was living in, I would find myself at the tennis court.

I carry my racquet whenever I travel and I have played on different continents and on different surfaces.

I love tennis and the many aspects of the game – the topspins, the slices, the volleys, and the serves. There is always something to work on in tennis, a part of the game we can improve.

When I’m hitting the tennis ball I feel that time slows. It is as if there is only me and the ball and nothing else in the world matters. The only thing of importance at that moment is getting the green ball across the net.

I discovered Play! Tennis when I was in Singapore. I like the sense of community amongst the club members and have made many new friends. I join the group training sessions on Mondays, the social rally sessions on Wednesdays, and I play some friendly matches in the weekends.

What inspires me? People who overcome adversity in their lives are a great inspiration to me. "

Laura Wittich

“Hi I’m Laura and I started playing tennis since I was 6 in a small town called Kassel in Germany.

I joined Play! Tennis when I came to Singapore. I’m really impressed with their high performance training program. Their coaches are very professional and together we developed a customised plan to help achieve my tennis goals.

I enjoy my training sessions and the exciting tennis drills keep me focused and motivated. I find that I always learn something new each session, and I’m happy with my progress.

I like being a part of Play! Tennis and attending both their social and competitive events. I have gotten to know other tennis players, and we have hang out outside the court as well.

What inspires me? Individuals who work hard to achieve their goals.”


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