Private Tennis Lessons for Kids

At Play! Tennis, we adopt a progressive approach in our training program for young children. This means that we may make use of modified equipment such as slower balls, smaller tennis racquets, and smaller court size with a lower net.

Such a progressive approach will make learning tennis more enjoyable for children and also allow them to improve faster. They will be able to make the transition to a regular court and balls with greater ease.

Schedule Your Kid’s Tennis Lessons Anytime

One of the advantages of enrolling your child for private tennis lessons is that you will be able to schedule a date and location at your own convenience. Our tennis coaches will work closely with you to plan your child’s training schedule.

From our experience, the popular time slots for tennis classes for kids are usually on weekdays 5 pm and on weekend mornings 10 am.

Boost Your Kid’s Performance

Private tennis lessons for kids can serve as a great boost to your kid’s performance. Since these classes are highly personalised, our instructors will be able to work on specific shots that your child is having difficulty with, for example, by spending more time practicing backhand shots.

Your child can progress rapidly with these personalised classes and go on to enjoy competitive or recreational tennis.

If your child is already enrolled in group tennis classes, you may still wish to enroll him or her for a package of 4 private classes as a supplement, especially if there is a tournament round the corner.

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Kid-Friendly Tennis Coaches

There are many coaches in Singapore providing tennis lessons for kids but what makes a kid-friendly coach? At Play! Tennis, our instructors are kid-friendly, and here’s some of the things we do: we impart the basic tennis fundamentals, we are patient with the kids, and we instill the values of sportsmanship and perseverance in them.

Our coaches will teach children and juniors how to play in the simplest and most effective way possible. We ensure that all the students we teach develop basic tennis skills before we move on to more advanced shots with topspins and slices.

A large part of developing solid fundamentals is in creating an all-round tennis player. For example, a kid may have a potent forehand, but if he lacks a reliable backhand he would have a glaring weakness in his game would not be considered an all-round tennis player.

The best tennis coaches for kids employ suitable drills to train the basic skills needed for tennis. Our drills are always something they can do and are also fun and meaningful.

We understand that kids will take some time to be competent in the game, especially if they have never held a racquet in their lives. We are very patient with all our students and will give them time to be comfortable with the various racquet grips and techniques.

Children may occasionally lose focus during their tennis classes, and our instructors have the ability to direct their attention back to the lesson, without being too strict. We never try to use fear as a form of discipline, but believe instead in motivating every child we teach.

Our trainers see it as their responsibility to instill the values that define tennis - sportsmanship, perseverance, and courage. We are always mindful of behaving in the appropriate manner at the tennis courts so that the children we teach might see us as role models.

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Participation in Friendly Matches

At Play! Tennis, we have incorporated a social aspect to our private training programs for kids. In this way, your child gains the benefits of both individual one-on-one lessons and social interaction in the form of friendly tennis matches.

Participation in friendly matches is the key to the physical and mental development of a young tennis player. We organise friendly matches on a regular basis, exposing the youths to many different players with different styles of play. Such exposure will give children the opportunity to build an all-round game.

They would be able to play an aggressive or defensive game when needed, or better still turn defense into attack occasionally. Our junior players will learn to be versatile, and play into their opponents’ weaknesses.

Friendly matches are also a good way to test how our junior players play under some pressure, and to see if their strokes hold up under the pressures of competition. Such challenges will be beneficial to their growth as a player and an individual, as they learn to cope with stressful situations and the value of courage.

Accessibility to Tennis Resources

Your child will get all the support he or she ever needs as we are a club with great tennis resources.

We make use of more than 20 tennis courts all over Singapore, so wherever you live, we will be able to arrange for a lesson at a venue closest to you. We provide professional stringing services and merchandise such as racquets, bags, shoes and balls at the best prices.

We have created an online blog, Learn About Tennis which contains original articles and videos to help our players learn and improve.

At Play! Tennis, we make the sport accessible to everyone and look forward to fulfilling all your needs.

Open Communication with Parents

We have a policy of open communication with parents, providing them with regular updates at every stage of their child’s progress, and addressing any concerns or feedback that they might have. We are always open to suggestions as we are constantly striving to improve our tennis programs for kids.

By keeping parents well informed of their kids’ progress, we hope to get parents involved in their children’s development. We believe parental support is important in getting the kids motivated to get on to the tennis court and in sustaining their interest in the game.

Emotional support from parents is important to competitive juniors. We advise the parents to remain supportive regardless of the outcome of the match, as we believe that the focus should be on the child’s performance and on-court attitudes, rather than on the results themselves. We encourage parents to show a genuine interest in their kids’ tennis activities as this helps to foster a conducive atmosphere for learning and progress.


$320 for 4 private classes (1 hour each class). This does not include the court fees, if any. Payment should be made at least 3 days before the lesson to confirm registration.

The costs of booking public ActiveSG tennis courts are $9.50 for peak hours (hours between 6.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays, and between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) and $3.50 for non-peak hours.


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