Corporate Tennis Lessons

At Play! Tennis, we understand that keeping your staff and colleagues fit and healthy is important to their performance and well-being in the workplace. Our corporate tennis programmes are designed to help your team stay active in a fun and stress-free environment, while fostering teamwork and communication.

Play Tennis Community

Our thoughtfully-structured tennis programmes are especially developed for corporate team-building, to foster confidence, trust, communication and build better relationships among team members, while encouraging those new to the game to pick up something different, because thinking out of the box and innovation is key in the workplace.

Our tennis programmes have been enjoyed by companies of all sizes, fields and backgrounds, and the tennis packages can be customised to suit your organisational goals and needs.

We can cater to your budget and schedule. Simply let us know your requirements and we will work out a great package for you. See what tennis team-building can do for your organisation!


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